Diane Guerrero Speaks at Black Lives Matter Protest in Los Angeles

On Wednesday, September 2nd, Diane Guerrero spoke at the Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles. You can watch her speech in the embedded video from Diane’s Instagram.

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Thank you @blmlosangeles and @kendrick38 @bldpwr for having me this Wednesday. On Monday night County sheriffs shot and killed a 29-year-old Black man, Dijon Kizzee, over alleged bicycle code violations. On a daily basis this country shows its complete lack of respect for black lives. Everyone needs to drop everything and LISTEN TO BLACK PEOPLE!!! LISTEN TO BLACK PEOPLE!!! ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! DIJON KIZZEE’S LIFE MATTERS!! In this piece I share my values and I share my feelings right now. Fuck the police. ✌🏽 Abolish all systems of oppression 👄 Ps. This is my space remember you are a guest and I don’t need your essays defending killer cops and your racist justification for killing black and brown people byeeee Video by @therealmoisesb

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